Choose a package that suits your business needs and take advantage of the opportunity for a free trial period lasting up to 90 days!

Special offer for an extended trial period

Take advantage of the extended trial period, now lasting up to 90 days or until you secure 500 reservations using Visitor.

Our platform allows you to explore all functionalities without any restrictions. You can track your progress in terms of the number of reservations and the remaining trial period through the administrative interface. Furthermore, our customer support is always at your disposal - in case of any questions or uncertainties, feel free to contact us. Start your business with Visitor and learn how to manage reservations in an intuitive and efficient way!


12 €



20 €



40 €


  Basic Advanced Premium
Monthly 12 € + VAT 20 € + VAT 40 € + VAT
Employees Up to 5 Up to 10 Unlimited
Locations 1 Up to 5 Unlimited
Number of services Up to 10 Up to 25 Unlimited
Custom page for online reservations
Booking notifications
E-mail reminders
Staff specialization for specific services
Entering non-working days
Entering customized working hours
Managing user roles
E-mail support
Telephone support
Video support

Other offers


For non-profit and educational institutions - free lifetime use

In support of your invaluable work, we offer you free lifetime use of our services. This is our way to help and contribute to your mission and community. Take advantage of our tools and resources at no cost.

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For large companies and corporations - solutions tailored to your needs

We understand the unique challenges that large companies face, so we offer completely customized solutions for your specific needs. Our team will collaborate with you to develop and implement solutions that align perfectly with your business goals. Contact us for a detailed plan and a proposal that meets all your requirements.

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Frequently asked questions and answers

The trial period can last up to 3 months, during which you can secure a maximum of 500 reservations. The trial period can end either by reaching the specified number of reservations or when the period expires. You can check the remaining time of the trial period and the current number of secured reservations at any time in the administrative interface. Additionally, you will receive our email reminder at least 10 days before the trial period expires or when you reach 450 reservations.

During the trial period, you can use all the features included in the selected package. You can choose between the Basic, Advanced, and Premium packages.

Of course, you can cancel at any time.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time, and we will calculate the fee for the month in which you requested cancellation based on the days of usage.

No, there are no additional fees.

The Visitor usage fee is charged according to the selected package:
  • €12 per month (+ VAT) for the Basic package
  • €20 per month (+ VAT) for the Advanced package
  • €40 per month (+ VAT) for the Premium package
The fee is charged based on days of usage, meaning you will only pay for what you have actually used. For example, if billing starts on the 20th day of the month, you will only pay one-third of the fee. If you cancel the subscription halfway through the month, you will only pay half of the fee.

An invoice with the Visitor usage fee will be sent to you via email, and you can pay it using a general payment slip or online banking.

You can request a new package change at any time, and the change will be implemented on the first day of the following month.

Are you ready?

Take advantage of the free trial period and improve your business

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